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Our ‘vision and mission’ always aims at understanding your business to make its one of the pivotal pillars, i.e. Legal, as much as strong to bring sustainable growth in your business. In order to achieve that aim, we have incorporated the mechanism of Virtual General Counsel (vGC) which not only consists of innumerable benefits related legal affairs provided through our technology-driven platform, but also ‘round the clock’ availability to understand your legal needs. Besides Startups, our Virtual General Counsel services paved the way for smooth running of business of various small, medium and large enterprises.

Generally, it is seen that MNCs and large companies hire General Counsels for the compliance of various laws, but they are not guaranteed for a complete compliance. We understand the attraction of the steady monthly/annually cost of your in-house legal department. Unlike the cost incurred upon your in-house legal department, we provide those services at affordable cost effectively and efficiently. Our Virtual General Counsel Support Services has been an evident to our clients that they have always experienced satisfactory services related to legal.

Our Virtual General Counsel services provide you with multi-disciplinary team comprising of absolute specialists in various legal domain. Thes Virtual General Counsel services make us reaching out all the places across India through our technology-driven platform. Moreover, the benefits also include no sickness, no compulsory education, and no holiday entitlement of our professionals. In other words, the services would be delivered to you throughout 365 days of the year.

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How can a company afford an In-House Attorney?

Hiring a full-time In-House attorney will be expensive for a company including benefits and overhead costs. Only few large companies can afford to establish full- fledge in house legal departments, all other companies may not afford it. Particularly, small companies justify that expense; majority of the companies would still require hiring specialized attorneys from outside to supplement the work and also for litigation matters.

Will a Virtual attorney be able to support your business?

A good Virtual In-House Attorney definitely able to support your business requirements. The company may provide proper training to the attorneys for the work to be provided based on their requirements. The relationship is based on fit with your business and can deliver the full value of in-house legal personnel. To be effective, Virtual In-House Counsel should be business focused, strong, and technology savvy.

Do you require a Virtual In-House Counsel?

General Counsel are always senior attorneys that guide strategic decision making and proper management of the business. The Virtual In-House Counsel before filling this role requires a high level of trust and respect from all other members of the executive team. Virtual General Counsel may make sense if your business model involves strategic legal issues. A virtual General Counsel can solve your problem by providing efficient services in effective manner.


LetsComply provides you legal services for a fixed fee per month, which is substantially lower than the cost of an in house attorney. With a fixed monthly rate for legal services, clients are better able to budget accordingly just like they do for rent, insurance, and other fixed expenses. The fixed cost allows you to consult with an attorney for simple matters or at the onset of more complex legal matters.

Why Us?

Cost Advantages

We provide all the services at affordable cost.

Increase Efficiency

Increase productivity and efficiency of your business process.

Focus On Core Areas

We help you free your energies and enable you to focus on building core sectors of your business.

Faster & Better Services

We are always ready to provide our services ‘around the clock’.


Corporate Law Compliance & Corporate Due Diligence

We help your company make better deal decisions by performing due diligence, beside corporate law compliance.

Foreign Exchange Matters

Foreign Collaborations, Inbound & Outbound Investments, etc.

Contract Management

We build a contract management process to best fit the needs of your organization.

Transactional Advisory

Reviewing and analyzing documents pre and post closure of transactions.

Intellectual Property

We have a specialized team to provide services relating to copyright, patent, trademark, geographical indications and Industrial Design, etc.

Trade Laws

Now, trade is easy as we help you resolve all kinds of complexities of law contained in International/National Trading business.

Regulatory Affairs & Policy Matters

We do not only facilitate navigating the law, but also frequently provides assistance to create a regulatory framework of your business on par with policy & guidelines of financial market regulators like the RBI, SEBI, IRDA and FMC on their financial market reform projects.

Dispute Resolution Issues

We assist clients with resolution of disputes in all areas of general and special practices in a broad range of industrial sectors including Oil and Gas, Power, Mining, Real Estate, Entertainment and Media, Banking and Finance and Investments, etc.

Capital Market

We provide services relating to transaction, Investment, policy development and disputes, etc. arising out of capital market affairs.

What people say?

I am totally satisfied with the services provided to us.I wish the best to the LetsComply team.

Rajan Madhu, President, Fashion TV India

What people say?

I thank LetsComply team for their professionalism and splendid services. It was a wonderful experience to work with such an organized team.

Ravi Gupta, CFO, Jubilant Foodworks Ltd.

What people say?

The services provided by LetsComply have been exceptionally good. I recommend their services to anyone looking to start a venture.

Kaushik Roy,Founder and CEO, Biryani By Kilo

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